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The Mother Nurturers  of The Motherhood

in Shropshire & Beyond

 The wonderful professionals who are there to nurture you through motherhood, I have a list here of ways to contact them, so you can find out more and get in touch again when you need them.


Su Barber - Birthing Mentor, Birth Support & Birth Story Listener

Lauren Hilton- Pre-natal Pilates,

Sam Norman - Daisy Birthing & Doula

Jessica Sewell - Pre-natal Yoga ,

Sasha Ward - That Yoga Mum - Postnatal Yoga

Jules Portsmouth - Jula Hula Hoops,

Nicola Snoad - Limitless Birth Retreats,

Claire Arnold - Cranial Osteopathy

Glenn Fredericksen - Chiropractor ,

Rebecca Dove-  

Jen Hawkins - Revive Aromatherapy,

Sanya Booth - Massage Therapist,

Andrea Amis - Reflexology,

Michelle Rocke-Wharin -Womb Healings,

Jo Hitchin - Reiki & readings- Aurora Love,

Henna Cat - Henna Tattoos

Naomi Yates - Henna Tattoos

Jade Anne Langton-Evans - Family Photographer,

Ami Gelfling Gallagher-Walker -The Wonky Pocket,

Kathyrn Reynolds - Shropshire Field - Flower Crowns

Emma Mellor -Sling Consultant,

Bekki Long - Real Nappy Library,

Simo of Chibisimo - Bamboo Mother Cloths,

Nutrition with Harriet Morris - Shift inside

Kate Alexander - Avokate Nutrition,

La Bonne Parisienne,  wonderful pastries delivered

O Joy - vegan cafe,

Forever Cacao (Raw chocolate)

Bridget Supple -

Michelle Bennett - Doula & Placenta Encapsulator

Victoria Maw - Yoga

Tessa Tant - Colour 4 Health

Sammy Hughes & Maria Stennett - both Jamberry nail consultants -can be found on facebook !






















To everyone who played any part in The Festival of Motherhood,  Thank you for making a dream become real, for one beautiful day.


It was hard work, exciting and yet so peaceful too.


My partner Arron Fowler and Richard Foot created a small film to capture the essence of the day's events.  Please do find two minutes to watch it - it is very heart -warming.


So exciting to be bringing the best in pre-natal and post-natal Mother Nurturing people locally, together, to offer pregnant women and mothers a wonderful  day of pampering, nurturing healing, learning, sharing, creating, singin, playing... a full day in the Motherhood!


Please find attached a newsletter ( Blue link button top right x) about the festival and requesting  your feedback - trully welcome, as I can only learn from each event.


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