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I am Su Barber and I like to add a touch of ancient magic and inner wisdom to my life with labyrinths xx

I am stuck & it sucks...

By Su Barber, Sep 8 2017 12:36PM

I am stuck!

In so many ways… I am waiting for the next turn in the bend in the labyrinth of my life..

I am stuck

In, waiting for the carpet fitters to come and put down a new carpet in my front room, so I can move forward in offering people a safe space, to be heard and be creative. Really can’t wait to have my own space that is warm and inviting x

In my bedroom as the only place left to sit down in the house, as everywhere is covered in bits and pieces from the aforementioned front room, seriously chaotic.

watching the water in the sink not disappearing down the plug hole - always a physical sign for me of things being stuck, lacking energy to move forward.

In my mind waiting news of being shortlisted for a big life changing job- fingers crossed…

With mailchimp trying to activate a love labyrinths little course on line for the first time - hair pulling out time

Watching my son go off to senior school, wanting independence, needing independence returning a little shocked by the reality of it all.

Feeling decidedly impotent, a little overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated, on my own with it all, as partner away for next few days….. I realise I have to do something before I whirl around till exhausted (again)

So deep breath and again and again, feet on Mother Earth (while hanging out clothes), then I am inspired and find myself drawing a life labyrinth on the patio/ yard. It makes me think bigger than myself, the pattern being so ancient that I then find myself marking out the seasons on the labyrinth, seeing the twists and turns in the year, the long days of summer, the curling inwards to winter, it all makes sense.

Then I can translate my place in this labyrinth, where am I right now?

It is either at the threshold about to jump into a whole new adventure, but I am hesitating to begin or I need to clear some blocks out the way to get into the flow.

Or I am at a twisty bend that I cannot see round yet, feeling my way into the unknown, having faith that the path will make sense again soon

Or I am in the centre dizzy, after the tight whirling of the summer holidays, trying to take a moment before returning again to normality..

Does it matter where I am exactly, in a moment I will move forward as surely as time moves forward, but having drawn and walked my labyrinth, with the intent of finding a moment’s peace, I find I can now face it all again, and the internal whirling has calmed down

So I sit and write this all out, to make sense of this moment.. I’ll let you know how it all spirals forwards…

Let me know if drawing a labyrinth and working out your position within your labyrinth helped you to see your situation from a different perspective.

Just taking that moment to do something different can change things xx

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