Birth Story Healing


" Since our meeting I haven't thought about the birth at all during the night. I feel like the negative thoughts have been lifted from my shoulders...."

"Birthing mothers, fathers, and everyone who witnesses a birth can be uplifted by the mystery and power of birth, and at the same time, be haunted by feelings of confusion, powerlessness, shame, blame, or regret about a particular moment they feel they failed or were failed.
Weeks, months or even years later, they may find that doubts and negative feelings erupt. They may try to talk about it, to sort it out, but often can't find a sympathetic ear… to heal the emotional trauma. Mothers often feel very alone in this grief because they often receive messages to “get over it,” especially when the baby is okay.
When a mother’s heartache over her birth-as-a-mother is frequently discounted, she may stop talking about her grief, but the negative agreements she has made about herself as a woman and mother live on in her parenting, her relationships, and her future births; live on in the next generation with the stories she tells her children.”
Pam England - Author of Birthing From Within

I have been trained by Pam England as a Birth Story Listener and Birthing From Within Mentor. If this is how you feel about your birth, please do come to me. I will sit and hear you and help you to start to heal yourself. It is a gentle and powerful process.

Sometimes it is not a Birth Story that needs to be healed but a Womb Story or a Heart Story, A story that we have stored away in our body, that starts to make life uncomfortable or us ill at ease. This same process can address these wrapped up stories to be unwound and ourselves restored.