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Labyrinth Beach Wondering


So excited to be heading off to the beach to do some creative meandering with you.
From 11am at Fairbourne Beach I will give people their own Labyrinth seeds and watch individual labyrinths grow on the sands and we all join in to create a bigger one that people can enjoy all day.

Happy to give different ways of walking a Labyrinth with intent, some of the stories and histories behind the different labyrinths to give meaning and context to our own experiences of walking a labyrinth.

Lets bring a picnic and share the experience of the wind in our faces, sand between our toes and some happy meandering to find some peace or answer a question or two.

Children very welcome to join in,

Suggest a £10 per family unit

How does it work?

Labyrinths are ancient devices for meditation. It is a tradition of walking into a different state of mind, of accessing inner knowledge.  As you walk along the turning, twisting pathway, you have to focus on what you are doing, you have to walk mindfully, focussing on the now and your eyes turn from right to left, left to right,  as you meander  around the pathway.
Anything that makes your eyes go from side to side for a while will essentially take your brain out of the everyday brain pattern “Beta “ brainwaves into a slower , gentler, brain wave pattern, “Alpha” brainwaves, which is the one you reach in meditation, daydreaming and visualisation.
Alpha brainwaves create a feeling of well-being and induce calming changes in the mind and body. Ie: lowering heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones.

Who might benefit from this workshop?

Anyone stepping into a new part of their life, adolescence, pregnancy, parenthood,
Anyone stepping into a new part of their life, adolescence, pregnancy, parenthood, menopause, new job, new home, new relationship...
Anyone who feels that some part of their life is coming to a conclusion or anyone who feels stuck in the middle....
Anyone anxious, tired, excited, turbulent, chaotic, in need of grounding, intrigued, curious, playful, bewildered, confused, stuck..
Find a new flow within, a rhythm, a focus....

“... surprisingly powerful, peaceful and therapeutic”

“ I loved it and I have got a lot out of it. I would recommend it to anyone!

“An enlightening walk.. lovely interaction in the group”