Mother Warming - nurturing new mums


After a birth in many cultures, the Mother is felt to have been so open and so vulnerable, even though she has been so strong. She needs to be nurtured and warm energy returned to her core. This is done by eating warming foods with warm spices such as delicious ginger based soups, warm baths with gentle herbs to aid healing, massages with warm oils and body wrapping to gently hold and encourage Mother back together again.

These elements are combined in the Mayan tradition and added to with

“The Closing the Bones Ceremony”.
The Mother is cradled and rocked to release the back, gently massaged and wrapped in scarves and then her bones are honoured for all their work: in creating the baby, giving birth and parenting.
A time for the Mother to rest, heal and start to return her energy, to herself.

I attended a lovely workshop held by Jessica and Jessica of MamaBabaWise in October 2014, which imparted to me this ancient and wonderful nurturing of a Mother.

Here are my thoughts on why this is an essential part of returning after a birth or a miscarriage.

There is a calling to your spirit, your essence, to return back home to your centre.
There is a gentle rocking of your body, a reassurance, a request for return of your body and soul.
For you have been like a gateway, a vibrant vessel, the carrier of new life, like a seed-pod, a fruit or a flower.
You have walked the threshold between two worlds, the everyday and the spiritual, the inner world and the outer world.
It is time to return wholly to yourself, to gather yourself together, to warm your bones and feel whole again.
A transformation has begun in you, the Mother, embracing new aspects of yourself, through this rite of passage into new stages of Motherhood.

The ceremony will help you to be physically at ease. It gives time for respite and rest, offering the return of your energy to your core.
It is akin to the time when the caterpillar is turning into the butterfly, as it gently rests, safe in the cocoon for the last few moments,  before gently emerging as its fragile, beautiful new self, who needs to warm its body in the sunshine.

The ceremony is one way of completing the cycle of life, since the very beginning of your pregnancy until now.

This ceremony is always performed with great honour, gentleness and respect.
All women who step onto this road to Motherhood should be honoured.