Prepare to birth during difficult times


On Line Preparation
To help you birth & become a Mother during difficult times.

Within the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians there was a Goddess called Hathor, who looked after all women who were pregnant, birthing and being mothers, with her seven midwives, who each would bring a different gift of life to the child.

I am offering you seven core sessions that can be done in your own time and pace with seven zoom times to come together with others, to share your thoughts and feelings, whilst also building an (online) community for future support.

The seven different elements of becoming a Mother and birthing a child are explored using another ancient story, as backdrop to understanding your own experience. Whilst also offering seven different pain/ stress coping techniques that are useful for different stages of birthing and in postnatal life.
These are based on my training with Pam England of Birthing From Within and other specialists, as well as my 13 years of work in this field, of listening to women before, during and after a birth individually and in groups.

The sessions are gifts to you in becoming a Mother (again) and explore rich, deep themes, with practical tried and tested techniques and resonant narrative medicine.
Mother Hood
Mother Intuition
Mother Lode
Mother Courage
Mother Love
Mother Bear
Mother Land

These sessions will help you to birth and to mother, from your own resilience, courage and intuitive knowledge and help you to be able to ask for help from your own Motherhood, your allies in this world. To make sure this programme supports you well, there will not be more than eight people in each group.

Happy to answer any questions you might have on 07792 586649.

The cost for this initial round will be lower than might be normal, but then life just is not normal is it?.

My birth preparation sessions offer you a realistic, creative and holistic approach to birth preparation and beyond.  These classes prepare you to birth-in-awareness, whether you are birthing at home, or hospital or anywhere.
I can help you to explore and unwind your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards birth and parenting;  to find your method of coping to give you a deeper preparation for birthing and parenting.
Pay for all session up front if you can and wish to or you can join my wonderful merry band of Matrons, who are part of my Patreon community of supporters for the work I do with Mothers called Lullabies, Labyrinths and Laments. . If you choose this way you not only have many other stories, labyrinth patterns and other insights, but you can pay at a much lower rate £3, £10 or £25 per month. See which offer suits you best at this moment and let me know, so we can start work together.

Some previous clients feedback

“I feel that my relationship with my daughter is very strong, as I was able to identify and explore my worries before she arrived. I believe that this contributed to my relaxed state of mind when she arrived and allowed me to bond with her, with the knowledge that, whilst I might not be perfect, I am capable.”

“..just invaluable to talk through the labour process and take time out in the lead up to the labour , to think about the labour process and what was to happen to me and my baby and think of it as a special time, rather than a means to an end”